Effectiveness of Riblets

Riblets are micro-scaled surface grooves, directly inspired by the structure of shark skin and its ability to reduce skin friction. They are aligned with the flow direction and reduce fluid-dynamic drag by interacting with the boundary layer of turbulent fluxes. Riblets can be adapted to various technical applications and bring significant performance gains when properly designed. Take a deep dive into the technology and learn about the fascination of Riblets by following the link below.

Riblet Application Process

Riblet surfaces are applicable for multiple various applications. They can be integrated in newly designed systems or into existing equipment. The specific solution, in terms of the manufacturing process and the final setup, will be individually designed and managed by us, a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers.

We strive for a comprehensively valuable solution and consultatively guide our customers during the entire installation process and beyond.


Step 01

Requirement Evaluation

Our engineers will complete a first evaluation about feasibility, system design, and execution procedure based on the customer’s initial enquiry and information. Based on following consultations with the customer we will then provide a refined estimation about performance gains and costs. This will enable precise estimations regarding the ROI the comprising business plan.

Step 02


Subsequently to the successful evaluation process, we will work on a detailed proposal, which includes an extensively described work plan, project schedule and a quote. Regarding the specific application case, the pricing system can vary and will be elaborated with our customer.

Step 03

Customized Design

As soon as we receive the customer‘s order, our engineers start to collect all necessary data and information together with the customer. Extensive system analyses about all possible factors of influence ensure a comprehensive solution and successful completion of the project’s proposal. Our engineers will then design the optimal Riblet solution and provide valid predictions about prospective results and operating conditions.

Step 04

Surface Application

When the design is approved, the project‘s realization phase starts. Depending on the appropriate manufacturing method (film, laser, coating) and the specific application case, different procedures and preparations are necessary. The individual procedure will be conducted according to the proposal and the customer’s requirements.

Step 05

Maintenance Service

As soon as the Riblet surfaces are applied, the facility can start operating. After the project‘s completion, we provide support and are available for any consultations through our engineers. Depending on the desired maintenance services, we support our customer during the further operations and survey the Riblet performance and operating behavior.