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Bionic surface technologies moves to its new headquarter

Bionic surface technologies has grown from a small engineering office to a considerable company. The office in Steyrergasse were to narrow; the division of laboratories and offices no longer up to date and in-efficient.
Time had come in February 2019: bionic surface technologies moved to its new headquarter in Liebenau, Graz.
Steyrergasse. Hustle and bustle, the sound of heavy boxes stacked on top of each othser, tables and cabinets being pushed around.
At the beginning of the year the crew of bionic surface technologies took a big step forward and collected their laboratory and office at the new location on the outskirts of Graz with a size of 800m2 together. The headquarter is now located in Liebenau, right next to the popular soccer stadium.
Since we’re on the fourth floor we have direct view on the field of the soccer arena – to the delight of the soccer fans among our employees.
Also, you can make out the Koralpe and famous Grazer Schlossberg at a distance. A carefree innovation over the roofs of Graz is guaranteed.
The laboratory at Brockmanngasse was also closed and all test benches relocated to the new premises at the end of march.
Full operation of all text benches was beginning shortly before Easter and presented on the occasion of a visit from our asian partners.

Now we’re looking forward to successful years in our new headquarter in Liebenau.