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CFD Simulation And CFD Analysis For Better Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a method to analyze fluid flows. It pushes the development and engineering of bionic applications.

Boost Performance With CFD

With the help of CFD complex flows of all kind can be simulated through numerical calculations on the computer. Even complicated flows can be simulated, so that they can be displayed, understood and optimized.

holistic understanding of fluid dynamics
holistic understanding of fluid dynamics

Success Factor Fluid Simulation

A lot of machines and processes function on the basis of fluid flows like gase, air, water or other fluids. As a consequence of this, fluid simulation can be utilized wherever fluid or gas streams have an important impact on the functionality.

On our website you can get a general overview of our public CFD simulation projects. We would also like to provide you with CFD simulation consultancy to show you the possibilities of a CFD analysis and which benefits and performance improvements you can gain.

Reduce Costs With Computational Fluid Dynamics

Even interactions with other significant parameters like pressure, temperature, heat transport or mass transport can be evaluated with CFD analysis. CFD simulation is a cost-saving alternative to expensive tests in the wind tunnel or water tunnel and offer fast and economic solutions. Bionic surface technologies uses the worldwide leading work package ANSYS Fluent and achieves with ANSYS fast and professional results.

What Bionic Surface Technologies Offers

  • Reliably solving all types of fluid simulation tasks
  • Increasing the efficiency of flow applications
  • Self-developing products for flow applications (Riblets) 
  • Developing products with partners, e.g. aero helmet, car prototypes, bicycle rims…
  • Having a holistic understanding of fluid dynamics
  • Doing further research in this field