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From an aerodynamic point of view, aviation and astronautics are some of the most advanced industries. Aerodynamics makes a significant contribution to the efficient and safe use of aircraft.

Through an optimized fluid dynamic and an adapted design an increase of efficiency and a reduction of emission can be observed. The optimal wing shape is calculated with numerical CFD simulations and even a forecast of the in-service behavior of the aircraft is possible with flow simulations.

Velocity distribution inside the engine
Velocity distribution inside the engine

Even in-cabin room optimizations are possible, when the air streams in the cabin are being analyzed, visualized and optimized for an ideal air ventilation

Aerodynamic calculations of extreme situations and analysis of stability provide safety for the pilot and prevent expensive and dangerous tests. Calculation of airfoil polar curves and calculation of operating points are as well among our expertise as extraordinary calculations of stunts.

Another area where CFD calculations achieve increases of efficiency, is inside the engine. Whether fuel systems, cooling systems or exhausting systems, every part which is in contact with gases or fluids can be analyzed through numerical calculations. These optimizations help to reduce emissions and save fuel.

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We gladly provide you with CFD consultancy to show you the possibilities of a CFD analysis and which advantages you can gain in your company.