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Industrial Applications

At the moment production costs as well as commodity prices are increasing and for different companies it is now even more important to work efficiently and cost-saving. Microstructured surfaces contribute to an increase in efficiency and a decrease in the energy input in different industries:

  • Flywheel for emergency pump operation: energy storage increased by 6%
  • Increased efficiency by 3% for various pumps
  • Increased Efficiency by up to 12% with various fans 
  • Industrial impellers: efficiency increased by up to 5%
  • The efficiency gains can also be converted directly into noise reduction
  • Pipelines: increased mass throughout by 8%
  • Engine sub-area: increased efficiency by 6%

The great potential in the use of Riblets in flywheels was the reduction of the vicious moment in addition, the ideal speeds were determinded in advance, at which the efficiency is optimally increased. 
Furthermore, the use of Riblets made it possible to reduce wall shear stress and reduce friction by 8%.

When using riblets in pumps, the possible optimization potential is identified. Through the investigation the areas where the special microstructured surfaces are applied can be identified. Drag reduction and an increase in efficiency are expected when using riblets.

In pipework systems as well as in turbines riblets contribute to drag reduction up to 8% in turbulent flows. This offers a wide range of possibilities to reduce energy consumption in different industrial processes. We are experts in the design of riblet structures and the analysis of their impact on industrial processes. On the basis of numerous successful tests in different fields of use, we are able to exactly visualize the expected impact of riblets in advance by running a 1:1 3D simulation. Through our wide-ranging know-how we are able to provide you advice with your industrial application and show you the benefits of using riblets. Additionally we offer calculations of the riblet geometries for the maximum benefit as well as a profitability analysis for the use of riblets. We gladly support you in the first tests with riblets and introduce you to the production process.

We would like to provide you with consultancy to show you the possibilities of the industrial use of riblets and which benefits and cost savings you can gain with specific regard to your company.

Bionic surfaces in industrial applications
Bionic surfaces in industrial applications
Riblets in industrial plants
Riblets in industrial plants
Riblets in turbines
Riblets in turbines
We offer you the following technologies regarding the usage of Riblets: