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Riblets and Motorsports

In motorsports, fractions of a second decide between victory and defeat. Limitations resulting from the rules or the technical conditions limit performance and speed. 
The aerodynamic optimizations provided with Riblets lead to an increase in efficiency and speed with the same power consumption. 
Riblets can be used on land, in the air and in water, and in any case there is a crucial advance for the pilot or driver. 

Through various projects in different motorsport classes, bionic surface technologies has a widespread experience in motorsport. In the past, a pronounced aerodynamic effect of the riblets was visible in several tests. In addition, this effect was observed in the results of the races run with Riblets. 

In the DTM, numerous racing victories and overall championships were achieved with Riblets. By using Riblets on relevant components, a time advantage of up to 0.3 seconds per lap was detected. 
The proof could be provided 1:1 in tests in wind tunnels, on aero tracks and vehicles.

The shark skin was successfully established in the air race. By adjusting the Riblets, the efficiency of an Air Race aircraft can be increased by up to 4%. This corresponds to an increase in speed up to 1.56%

We have been working as an aerodynamic partner of the Swiss Air Racing Team since 2010 and have significantly increased the maximum achievable speed by using Riblet structures, specially developed for the racing aircraft. 
Our partner Vito Wyprächtiger was therefore able to repeatedly achieve top results in the Formula 1 class at the prestigious Reno Airrace in Nevada.

The highlight so far was the victory as the first European team at the 50th Reno Air Race in the 2013th Formula 1 class. Vito Wyprächtiger won the race in a time of 06:22.092 in just 0.431 seconds with his Scarlett Screamer equipped with Riblets, beating the favorite Steve Senegal with “Endeavor”. 

The result of using Riblets is a reduction in overall drag, a higher glide ratio and better handling of the aircraft. Furthermore, more speed can be achieved with the same energy consumption

Riblets are not only used in the air and on land, but also show drag-reducing effects on surfaces that come into contact with water. Wherever high speed can be found in various liquids and gases, riblets can reduce the air resistance of the object

Other projects were also carried out with solar car races and solar boats.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities using Riblets and what advantages you can achieve in relation to your area of application. 

Riblets in motor sport
Riblets in motor sport
Riblets in Red Bull Air Race
Riblets in Red Bull Air Race
Vattenfall Solar Team's NunaX with Riblets
Vattenfall Solar Team’s NunaX with Riblets