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Wind Power

Renewable energy sources are an important field of research today. Different areas can still be improved so that the energy nature provides can be used effectively.

The specifically developed microstructured surfaces, also called riblets or shark skin, reduce the drag of wind turbines and the use of riblets has different advantages:

  • Up to 7% more output
  • 1-2% increase in energy output through improved glide ratio directly 
  • 1-3% increase in energy output through indirekt Riblet surfaces (e.g. stall delay, etc.)

*Depending on location

Through the application of riblets on rotor blades, a distinctive increase in the power output with the same power input is possible. The microstructured surfaces cause a drag reduction of 8-12% in the turbulent flow and increase the efficiency of the wind power station. Through riblets a higher power output of existing power plants is achieved and in the construction of new plants it is getting less expensive. Furthermore riblets are used to achieve a higher energy efficiency with smaller plant capacity which leads to the same energy output. The lower material usage contributes to the cost reduction of new plants.

Another advantage which derives from using microstructured surfaces is the reduction of noise emissions. As a result approved operation times can be expanded and therefore influence the cost effectiveness of wind turbines in urban regions considerably.

The application of riblets effects also the life expectancy of the wind power plant. The use of riblets makes the same energy output with lower strain possible and as the life expectancy of the wind power plant is increased, the costs decrease.

We are your partner if you are looking for exact calculations of the riblet geometries with the maximum benefit for your application concerning acousticsperformance and energy efficiency. Additionally we support you with calculations of riblet geometries for the maximum noise reduction and help you to consider the profitability of the usage of riblets with a profitability analysis. Furthermore our skilled engineers supervise you in the first tests and introduce you to the production process.

Lower material usage
Lower material usage
Higher energy efficiency with smaller plant capacity
Higher energy efficiency with smaller plant capacity
We can offer you the following technologies for the usage with Riblets: