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Kick-Off for Project ReSiSTant

With ReSiSTant a four-year lasting project with the aim to optimize two industrial pilot lines by using Riblet-surfaces starts.
The implementation of such surfaces into Aircraft Turbofan Engines and Industrial Compressors increases efficiency, and reduces CO2 and noise emission.

Aircraft Turbofan Engine (DEM1) and Industrial Compressor (DEM2)
Aircraft Turbofan Engine (DEM1) and Industrial Compressor (DEM2)

Together with international operating companies, which share their knowledge about nanotechnology and fluid dynamics, BST conducts research into the most promising technology, that could be applied without additional effort.
Because of the rough conditions a special surface material is needed: ReSiSTant focuses on Riblet-technology, also called Sharkskin-technology, for a better resistance in rough conditions.
The aim is to apply such Riblet-structures on newly build and existing turbo machinery blades in order to increase their performances and reduce their wear. It will be under guidance of General Electric, Man Turbo & Diesel and Lufthansa Technik.

Things to know

Riblets, also called Sharkskin-technology, consists of tiny streamwise grooved surfaces, which reduce the drag in the turbulent boundary layer up to 8%. With this technology efficiency can be increased, reduction of CO2 and noise emission are given.
For more information visit Riblet surfaces.

During this project, the main efforts will be dedicated to the demonstration of production of large scale high ReSiSTant nano- and microstructured surface on two demonstrators, the combination of different process technologies and steps in order to demonstrate the complete fabrication chain for these two selected application demonstrators and setting up an industrial demonstrator in two different fields.
RINA Consulting Spa and FUNDACION Prodintec will setup a technology roadmap and also considering standardization and safety aspects towards the marketability of the outcomes within 2025.

The project consists of a consortium of 10 partners from Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Israel.

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