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Quantify friction reduction with the BST test bench

In order to be able to evaluate different surfaces, notably Riblet surfaces, bionic surface technologies researched and developed their ISO-certified Riblet test bench.
Along with the possibility of simulation, a field where the engineers of BST are experts, not only is the flow resistance of different surface strutures determined, but at the same time the friction reduction that would result if one were to decide for adding the riblet surfaces of bionic surface technologies.

What we offer

As experts in the field of fluid mechanics and leaders among the companies utilizing bionics, our portfolio includes:

  • Existing certificates for aviation technologies (the flow regime for cruising conditions can be represented in the test bench)
    Accurate measuring of friction drags generated by the desired surface structures
    Adjusting the gap between the cylinders for each structure size
    Measurements with various fluids are possible
    Rotational speeds of the rotor of up to 4000 rpm, leading to velocities on the surface of more than
    30 m/s
    The measurement process is standardized and automated, which guarantees reproducibility