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Our Flow Test Bench Allows Precise And Cost-Efficient CFD Simulation

To reduce costs and to shorten product development time we need developed an own special flow test bench for CFD simulation.

Self-Developed Measurement Technology

Validated results form the basis of reliable high-tech products. At the beginning of 2017, bionic surface technologies put into operation a new flow test bench to precisely measure the influence of different surface structures on flow conditions.

We Widen Your CFD Simulation Spectrum

In this way, friction coefficients can be measured for different surfaces with different Reynolds numbers. This allows the design of bionic structures to be validated by experimental methods. As a result, the application areas of bionic surfaces can be made even more various.

Flow Bench Testing At Expert Level

This self-developed Riblet test bench is a professional and unique tool to measure the microstructured surfaces and their effect to support CFD simulation. Other technical surfaces such as sand roughness or electropolished surfaces etc. can also be investigated for their fluid dynamic properties. The investigation of surface energy and contact angle (hydrophilic or hydrophobic) and its effect on fluid friction is also possible.

Flow Test Bench Function

The flow resistance of surfaces is determined. For this, force, speed and temperature are measured at the test rig.

Fluid Dynamics Principle

The fluid is located between two surfaces with a defined distance. One of the two compartments is driven and the movement creates a shear in the fluid.

Precise Flow Measurement

The automatic recording, documentation and processing of all measured values guarantee precise and reproducible results.

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The Key To New Bionic Applications

By using our flow test stand, existing and new bionic surfaces can be analyzed and tested and optimized with regard to their flow resistance. This forms the basis for new developments in industrial and scientific research projects.

What we offer with our flow test bench

  • Reliable and precise surface measurement technology
  • Validated simulations for reliable research, development and optimization
  • Test bench for international research projects
  • Further development of new Riblets
  • Available for a variety of applications in the field of flow technology

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