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The TURANDOT project comes to an end Carbo4Power is starting

It is unbelievable how time flies: it seems like yesterday when the project TURANDOT, which stands for Turbulence and Optical Measurements for Duct Surface Optimization in Turbofans, took off, was presented at the information event “Beyond Europe” and we wrote our magazinetext about it. 
That “yesterday” was a little more than four years ago and the TURANDOT has come to a surprising end: 

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation reported with ““Haifischhaut” macht Flugzeuge sparsamer” (German only) about the advantages in aviation, that TU Graz, GE Aviation and bionic surface technologies had researched in the last four years.


Another project already starting

Even when a project ends, the engineers at bionic surface technologies are not bored at all: a project called Carbo4Power is about to begin alongside other projects that have already been presented. 
Carbo4Power belongs to the Advanced Materials Program under H2020 of the European Union. 

New generation in terms of material

This 4-year project aims to invent a new multifunctional and lightweight material that offers numerous advantages for offshore and tidal turbines: on the one hand, the performance should be improved, on the other hand, a longer durability of the parts while reducing the costs of energy production – for the sake of the environment. 


More information about Carbo4Power: 

Official Website 
Official LinkedIn
Official Twitter