Problem solving through advanced
CFD simulations

The use of advanced computer systems has changed engineering substantially and is now indispensable. Within the framework of CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), it is CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) which enables the modeling of heat transfer and complex fluxes in defined areas. It describes the segmentation of a considered volume into multiple cells of a very small size and the numerical calculation of the cells’ properties and its local flux conditions.
Such simulations of the conditions in the entire area provide valid and accurate approximations of reality. The main constraint of the technology is the available computational power due to the calculations’ high demands in this regard.


Better Understanding
of your Problem


Efficient Evaluation
of Different Variants


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CFD simulations are powerful and irreplaceable tools for modern engineering and are demanded across all industries. While the general capabilities of the technology are undoubted, the actual specific applications and the regarding possibilities often go beyond the common perceptions. The combination of our profound knowledge and experience, with an intense connection to research, and the available computational in-house resources allow us to simulate problems of highest complexity. This builds the basis for our activities on Riblet structures and our service offerings. Our range of operations regarding general CFD simulations includes all cases of heat transfer and fluid flows with explicit specializations in Pulp & Paper, Acoustics and Micro- & Nanofluidic.
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