Current Projects



Full title of the project: Influence of temperature distributions on modern engine centre frames optimization

Program: Take Off 2018

Partner: Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics, TU Graz

About: In this project, a sector ring cascade is being built, in which the influence of hot streams on the aerodynamics and the heat transfer (determining for the component life or cooling air requirement) on the TCF blade and the side walls is experimentally investigated. For safety, environmental and economic reasons, it is essential to quantify this interaction and its risks in order to be able to take them into account in the design process.



Full title of the project: Simulation von Rollenbeschichtungs- und Prägeverfahren – Slot-Die-Coating, Nano-Imprinting und Demolding in R2R

Programm: Produktion der Zukunft | FFG

Partner: JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH | fmp technology GmbH

About: The aim of Simslider is to develop a simulation algorithm for a complete roll-based coating and embossing process for micro and nanostructures.
Based on the simulated and experimentally verified results, a process is developed that offers the possibility of producing nanostructures both functionally and on an industrial scale.



Full title of the project: TURbulence and optical Measurements for Duct Surface Optimization in Turbofans

Program: Beyond Europe | FFG

Partner: Institut fr Thermische Turbomaschinen und Maschinendynamik, TU Graz | GE Aviation US | GE Aviation India

About: An important key component for increasing the efficiency of aircraft is the turbine transition channel between high and low pressure turbines. In many cases, various factors lead to poor flow quality in this area. One of the goals is therefore to gain insight into fluid physics and to characterize the development of turbulence through the canal. Together with the project partners, the potential of resistance-reducing modifications of the surfaces is examined.



Full title of the project: Einfluss von Zuström-Inhomogenitäten auf die Schwingungsanregung einer NDT moderner Zweikreistriebwerke

Program: Take Off 2015

Partner: Institut für Thermische Turbomaschinen und Maschinendynamik, TU Graz | Springer und Pieringer EDV Dienstleistungs OG

About: The goal of EisenerZ is the experimental and numerical investigation of the influence of inflow inhomogeneities on the vibration excitation of a turbine rotor. The challenge is that the entire scope of 360 ° has to be modeled and simulated. Due to the enormous expenditure of time, a calculation tool is programmed in parallel to the measurement and simulation, whereby the stability of the system can be calculated in a short time.

Concluded Projects