Current Projects


Full title of the project: Artificial Intelligence Application for the
Development of New AeroEngines

Program: Take Off

Project partners: ABES Pircher & Partner GmbH Institut für Softwaretechnologie | Technische Universität Graz

About: Ariadne aims at building up a database on the aerodynamics of transition channels, based on data from CFD and experimental results for different geometry variants and flow conditions. Furthermore, the project focuses on the development of a method for data reduction for efficient AI applications, for flow predictions and verification of future plausibility measurements and error identification as well as the combination of the developed tools with a mathematical optimization method, whereby faster and more efficient geometry optimization than with purely CFD-based improvements shall be carried out.

Optiflow 3D

Full title of the project: Optimized Hydrodynamic Flow Behaviour by Selective Surface Structured of Ceramic 3D Printed Rotodynamic Blood Pumps.

Program: Produktion der Zukunft, FFG

Project partners: Lithoz GmbH | Medizinische Universität Wien | Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

About: OPTIFLOW 3D will provide unprecedented insights into health effects of microstructured surfaces regarding hemocompatibility and endothelialization of additively manufactured ceramic materials. OPTIFLOW 3D aims at the development of a novel two-stage rotodynamic blood pump for pediatric patients. New ceramic materials and 3D manufacturing processes (3D printing and 3D NIL) are used to optimize flow conditions with the aim of significantly reduced blood trauma, thrombogenicity and associated hemocompatibility-related adverse effects.


Full project title: DRY electrolyte for mass application of COATing

Program: Eureka

Project partners: Stereos GPA Innovative, S.L.U. | citedec, DryLyte S.L

About: The main objective of DRYCOAT is to develop equipment and media for safe and sustainable electroplating and anodizing technologies, based on patented dry electrolytes, technology, and equipment for electropolishing. The advantages consist of the use of environmentally friendlier chemicals, the development of homogeneous coatings applied evenly on all surfaces, the prevention of hydrogen embrittlement and lower temperature requirements during electroplating. The dry electrolytes will be optimized and up-scaled for Ti anodizing of CU, NI and precious metal coatings used for surgical implants and jewels.


Full title of the project: Influence of temperature distributions on modern engine centre frames optimization

Program: Take Off 2018

Partner: Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics, TU Graz

About: In this project, a sector ring cascade is being built, in which the influence of hot streams on the aerodynamics and the heat transfer (determining for the component life or cooling air requirement) on the TCF blade and the side walls is experimentally investigated. For safety, environmental and economic reasons, it is essential to quantify this interaction and its risks in order to be able to take them into account in the design process.

Hydrochip 2

Full title of the project: Hydrochip 2

Program: Produktion der Zukunft

Project partners: Genspeed Biotech GmbH | SCIO Holding GmbH | Technische Universität Wien | Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH | TU Technische Universität Wien | Institut für Verfahrenstechnik | Umwelttechnik und Technische Biowissenschaften

About: Roll-to-roll manufactured "lab-on-foil" system with functional hydrogels for on-chip detection of pathogens. BST is responsible for the design and optimization of the microfluidic flow channels.

Concluded Projects