Meet our new trainees Yaiza and Beñat!

Meet our new trainees Yaiza and Beñat!

Our team is growing. Say hello to our new colleagues! We are excited to have them on board! So, join us in welcoming our new trainees Yaiza and Beñat who started their internship at BST some weeks ago. They take part in the Global Training Program launched by the Basque Business Development Agency, the Basque Trade & Investment and the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country, to promote the internationalization of young people through international internships directly linked to a professional activity. Since 2013 BST has a close connection with the Basque country and we are always looking forward to accompanying aspiring young talents from the Basque Country in their first steps into professional life. Some of those former trainees, we welcomed within the last years, decided to stay in the company. Starting about ten years ago as trainees at BST they have reached project leader level by now and are highly appreciated lead engineers. This year Yaiza and Beñat have dared the adventure of working abroad. We are thrilled to have them here and look forward to working with them.

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What’s your academic background and motivation?

Beñat: After completing my BSc in Mechanical Engineering (emphasis areas: Business Innovation and Project Management) I worked for two years at Voith but I´m eager to deepen my knowledge and to work abroad. As I wanted to build on my career, I decided to take part in the program.

Yaiza: I studied Mechanical Engineering in Vitoria-Gasteiz. For me, it’s a kind of family tradition I follow as my parents are mechanics. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by cars and motor sports and have wanted to know how things work. I took apart interesting gadgets to see what was inside. My curiosity is still with me and I´m passionate about technology and all kind of mechanical stuff.

Why did you choose bionic surface technologies? 

Well, we received a list with companies participating in the Global Training Program. We picked BST because it offered the best overall package consisting of the company’s main areas of activity, the methods used and the geographical location. BST offers the possibility to apply our knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and to gain experience with ANSYS and CFD simulations and it`s exciting to learn more about the Riblet technology. So, BST is a stepping-stone for our career.

What are your first impressions of staying in Austria? 

Beñat: I spent some time in Brno with Erasmus and had a good time there. Graz and Brno are situated in the same geographical region. The cities are alike in size and structure and both cities are characterized by a vivid student life as they are university cities with many young people.

Yaiza.  I speak some German and therefore I was looking for a company in a German speaking country. The Austrian German is a bit troublesome, but I learn to get along with it better and better each day. I do athletics, mainly the middle distance of 800 meters, and the sportive activity also helps me to get used to the language. So far, I don`t miss my home. Graz has more or less the same size as Vitoria, but public transport is better here in Graz and well, right now, I feel at ease.

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